AWPR&R is truly a sacred site where The Great Watcher, Sombrero Peak, welcomes all who seek the truth. You can reach out and touch your spiritual side! We have a labyrinth, teepee for a primal, desert experience.  Ten acres with tranquil private gardens and art & nature walk.   We have a full library... books , cd's and dvds to help you grow your awareness and open up your mind and heart.

Enjoy the profound insights that you will experience by just being in the desert. Spend some meditation time, quiet and peaceful and let the insights and connection with Spirit flow through you.

The Mountain speaks words of power and strength...
The birds sing of joy and love,
The wind whispers insights from the angels & ancients,
The owl calls of wisdom & discernment.

Let the sunlight wrap you with Divine Spirit...
Soft & sweet, warm and loving