My stay last week at your ranch was simply wonderful. The beauty of the surroundings …grounds, cacti, meditation nooks, and all the birds were both beautiful and tranquil. Your artistic talents are reflected everywhere-in my room, in the patios, the design of the house as well as its decoration. You have created a stunning place that seems like a work of art while still functioning as a refuge from the outside world.

For over 30 years I have traveled and taken groups and individuals on tours and journeys throughout the world. Your Ranch is a highlight for me and I hope to return next year and spend more time in this sacred and beautiful oasis in the desert.
Peace M

Thank you for that very special paradise you’ve created. It was one of the best experiences for me for it was nice to find a place where I could focus on my spiritual and emotional needs. God could not have sent me to a better place than yours. A great family place!

Thank you very much for allowing my family to enjoy your ranch this weekend!  I feel I got my life back. Take care and I will try to visit again soon!

Indeed, it was great renting  your place-- truly lovely, comfy and stunning!

We are still flying high with the memories of our wonderful visit at A Wild Purple Ranch & Retreat.
We loved are time with you- You are an angel & we felt wrapped in your light & love.
We have joy in our hearts & are eager for the next time!
With gratitude & Love
You have made a home away from home. Thanks for everything. The place is amazing.
Thanks for sharing yourself... It means alot to us.

Thank you for your generosity of Spirit & loving heart.  May all your guests enjoy as much as we did!  We had an amazing visit.                
With love,

Your ranch is a beautiful sanctuary in this exotic desert. I am most appreciative of     your hospitality!                                        
Thanks so much.
I was looking to access a very specific experience for my family, who were vacationing in Tucson and shop it up at the Gem Show. I basically wanted to stay close to all the shows but in a rural, scenic setting, in a bed and breakfast or guest house-type of property where we might get to know some locals and wake up surrounded by mountain views and cacti.  It's hard to believe that this jewel of a home is just a few miles from "civilization" because you feel utterly, blissfully secluded. The decor of the house has a sort of authentic 1930s D.H. Lawrence/Georgia O'Keefe vibe jazzed up with exuberant colors and artwork and antiques, plus lots of animal-print details and cushy leather furnishings and a cozy fireplace.  It was the kind of environment where you can grab a cup of freshly-brewed coffee in the morning or let the sun revive you on the sprawling roof deck or wake up slowly on the wrap-around veranda, or poolside (glamorous!).  There are plenty of nooks and crannies on the property to escape to, including trails that take you past gardens and sky-high saguaro cacti). We are definitely coming back here again! This is a special place -- clean, comfortable,and rich in character! I will add that this was my first air bnb experience -- I suspect it will be hard to top.